Memoranda Disseminated to BJMP Nationwide Issuances

No.Title of MemoDate Disseminated


Guidelines in the Distribution and
Disposition of the Annual Quota of
Inspector and Senior Inspector Ranks in BJMP

Policy on Conjugal Visit


3Reassignment and Designation of BJMP Key Officers28-Dec-11
4Implementing Guidelines of DILG Circular No. 2011-0713-Sep-11
5A Resolution Replacing the Present General Office Attire (GOA) for Jail Commissioned Officers (lCOs) and National Executive Senior Jail Officer (NESJO)17-Jan-11
6SOP on the Takeover of the Provincial and Sub-Provincial Jails and PNP Manned Jails7-Dec-10
7ADDENDUM TO CIRCULAR NO. 2010-12 DATED AUGUST 26, 201019-Oct-10
8Delegation of Authority – Interior Sector22-Sep-10
9Delegation of Authority – Interior Sector1-Jun-10


NoTitle of MemoDate Disseminated
1Reiteration of Policy on the Use of Social Media25-Feb-14
2Policy on the Status of Would-Be Retirees Three (3) Months Before Actual Retirees13-Mar-13
3BJMP Policy on Tours Inside Jails4-May-12
4BJMP NHQ SOP25-Apr-12
5BJMP Policy on Prohibition of Type of Photo, Video Audio Recording Device Equipment Inside Jails1-Jan-12
6Policy Guidelines for BJMP Livelihood Projects28-Apr-11
7Guidelines in the Conduct of Media Coverage During Jail Incidents and Crises Management Situations1-Feb-11
8The BJMP Media Relations Policy6-Dec-10
9Comelec Resolution 907020-Oct-10
10Revised Standards on Food Service Management,
As Amended
11Use of Force and Weapons13-Oct-10
12Admission and Releasing of Inmates16-Sep-10
13BJMP Ethical Standards16-Sep-10
14Conduct of Body Searches on Jail Visitors16-Sep-10
15Campaigning in BJMP Jails13-Sep-10
16Policy on the Protection of Personnel’s Income by Increasing the Monthly Net Take Home Pay to Five Thousand Pesos (P5,000.00)24-May-10
17Guidelines in the Conduct of Media Interview / Press Conference with Inmates22-Apr-10
18Policy on Law Student Appearing as Counsel for Detainees15-Mar-10
19Comprehensive Policy on Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation of the Therapeutic Community Modality Training of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology17-Feb-10
20Guidelines in the Selection, Disbursement, Accounting, Disposal of Funds Gained, Evaluation and Review of Livelihood Projects in the BJMP20-Feb-08